About Us

About Us:
Our intricate manufacturing expertise and penchant for perfection has made Whitesoul one of the most renowned companies in the Indian footwear industry. The imaginative designs, sprightly look, ecstatic feel that our shoes are recognized with, have made us a natural choice for all the fashion-driven and quality-seeking customers and earn a coveted place.

There are so many attributes associated with Whitesoul that sets it apart from competition. Some of these are as follows:

  • Comfort – Comfort is the first and foremost thing associated with the footwear, no matter for which age group or for which purpose these are manufactured. It is simply because a shoe is for making feet more equipped, and never to make these heavier, or put strain. But, the irony is substantial number of manufacturers give more attention on the looks of the shoes and less on their feel. Comfort is one of the major characteristic features of our company that makes it get an edge over other manufacturers.
  • Flexible – We at Whitesoul make sure that every shoe that we make is flexible in the right places. The front end of the sole of the shoe is soft enough and flexes to correspond to the movement of the toes. Our shoes do not twist too much or very easily. The shoes of Whitesoul stabilize the feet and provide cushioning in order to help the absorption of shock. Apart, these do not come out of the feet when the users jump or hurriedly get into a moving bus, metro, etc.
  • Inventory – Before displaying the shoes on our website, we make sure that every pair displayed is readily available in our inventory. In our offline business, more often than not, we would see the customers jumping with excitement by just seeing the shoes’ catalogue and asking the shoes of their choice to be presented before their legs within no time. And this is the reason we always try to maintain a proper synergy between the products displayed and their availability in inventory.
  • Quality Staff – Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff is like our backbone. All our staff has strong interest in our store’s specialty and they keep on suggesting us on the topics like which type of footwear we should display for kids, women and men. Our selection of products is primarily based on their recommendation. Their vast experience and a hawk eye to see the defect and segregate the superior has enabled us to provide the best shoes to our most valuable clients.
  • Our Mission – Our mission is to make India the ultimate footwear destination
  • Our Vision – Our Vision is to become a world leader in footwear industry