Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:
The exclusive purpose of developing privacy policy of this company is to shield any personal information provided by those who are/were associated with Whitesoul. Though we take personal identifiable information from our visitors, but we follow strict guidelines pertaining to their use. We have the highest regard for the privacy of every individual associated with our company and hence we leave no stone unturned to safeguard the sanctity of that information. We collect the personal information for providing better services to our esteemed customers, and not for any other purpose.

The Information that we collect – For us the Personal Information means only those information that establish the individuality of a person, such as contact number, e-mail id, postal address, etc. We do also ask for the occupation and personal interest of our users. These information are used in order to carry out a transaction or to take the reviews of our clients for the betterment of our services.

Sharing Personal Information – Whitesoul does not divulge any personal information of its users, unless instructed by the court of law. But:

  • We may provide some of your personal information to our associates so that they could more effectively cater to your specific needs

Data Security – We at Whitesoul do our level best in order to secure the data that come to us. We neither sell the personal information of our users, nor do we let any miscreant get any unauthorized access of our database. We exhaust all our resources in order to ensure the judicious use of the information that we have.

Links to other Website – As the privacy policy practiced by us is not binding to any other website, we are not responsible, even remotely, for any issue that may arise due to the private policies of the websites that are linked to us. The websites linked to us do not mean we all have to practice the same privacy policy.

Change in Policy – The company has the exclusive right to amend its Privacy Policy as and when the need arises. We do not provide any prior information of the scheduled change. The users should read the privacy policy from time-to-time in order to know about the change in the policy.

For Stylists, Celebrities, Bloggers & influencers

Whitesoul, a Leather sneaker manufacturer brand doesn’t entitle to claim any exclusive brand association with any of Stylists, Celebrities, Bloggers & Influencers who all are styled with Whitesoul’s Products (mentioned in ) as of now. We usually showcase or distribute our shoes with the mutual consent of Stylists, Bloggers & Influencers.

We are not proclaiming that any celebrity introduced by their stylists, is exclusively promoting our shoes or any such products which come under Whitesoul Brand and we also affirm that no celebrity is willingly promoting our products on social media channels or other platforms. While such events are showcased on various media channels (offline/Online/Print) is subject to the overall Wardrobe style, & not pertaining specifically to the Whitesoul brand only.

Hence, Whitesoul may showcase its products with the personnel’s picture on official website for its visitors just for their information about the particular event not for any promotions. Whitesoul will not be accountable in future or won’t give any affirmation if any celebrity, stylists, bloggers & social influencers willingly promote Whitesoul Products on any channel ( Online/Offline/ Print) without the consent of Whitesoul Official Brand Owners.